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Re: scsi emulation

On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 05:51:15AM +0300, Dimiter Manevski wrote:
> Hello. I have got a problem with my cd burner. I've installed all the 
> necessary tools for burning but couldn't make the burner work. I read in 
> the documentation and figured that I need to have a scsi emulation 
> compiled in the kernel. The problem is I cant find how to enable this 
> feature. 
> the problem is that I ...
> I've been searching for it in google but I couldnt find nothing 
> reasonable.
> P.S. excuse my poor english, i'm still learning
> thanks in advance
> manevski
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> cdrecord -v speed=4 dev=/dev/cd1c -data bla.iso

In my experience, this session shows a good burn. Did you try the cd?

Many burners fail the prevent/enable media removal command and simply
time out waiting for the command to complete, but that can have no
effect at all on the actual disc.

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