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Re: Resolv.conf settings don't stay after restarting PC

> I am running an i386 snapshot from 7/1, the install goes fine I am
> able to
> put in my DNS numbers, after the install I am able to ping out to
> different
> IP addresses.  I try to use lynx and I can't connect(unable to
> connect to
> remote host).  I can ping my ISP DNS server 167.x.x.x.  I checked
> /etc/resolv.conf and before 3.3 I never had to put my DNS numbers in
> the
> install usually asks if you want to use the primary nameserver now(I
> say
> yes).  So I decided to put my internal DNS and external IP addresses
> in
> /etc/resolv.conf.  Problem solved except I noticed that no matter how
> I try
> to save what I put in there the DNS numbers never stay.  All that is
> left is
> search markjb.com and lookup file bind.  To say the least I am
> confused. My
> firewall is a generic 3.3 install with very simple pf rules.  On top
> of all
> this when I try to upgrade src/port trees I get this error message
> ssh_exchange_identification.  I would be grateful to know if there is
> something I am doing wrong and how I can possibly fix this thanks
> Mark

Have a try with a supersede statement in your dhclient.conf file. This 
should fix it, assuming you use dhclient...

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