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  sorry for my simple question, but I usually use packages.

  Now I need to install PHP, but I can't compile it from source code,
  configure of version 4.3.2 ends with message:

  configure: error: png.h not found
  When I try compile with gd, version 4.3.1 with the same parametres
  is without problem.

  In packages is old version 4.2.3, I can use version 4.3.2, which is
  in ports.

  My first question:

  How shall I use port, which has this Makefile:

# $OpenBSD: Makefile,v 1.72 2003/05/23 20:08:20 avsm Exp $

SUBDIR += core
SUBDIR += extensions
SUBDIR += extensions,no_x11

.include <bsd.port.subdir.mk>

  How can I use SUBDIR variable and what is it? I know only make;make install
  (from www.openbsd.org pages).

  Second question: How I can change parametres of configure script (e.
  g. --with-config-file-path)? Only manualy edit Makefile.inc?

  Third question: I disable modules with this:

  env FLAVOR="no_x11 no_ldap no_odbc no_pdf no_pgsql...." make package

  Is better possibility?

  And my last question: How can I compile PHP as cgi from ports (I
  need it for some scripts in system, and Apache module I use for

  Thanks for help in advance

 Bc. Radek Krejca