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Re: sparc help

When you power-on and see the banner, press the stop-a keys. This should
take the system to the ok prompt. You may also be able to do this from the
login screen, since you don't care about corrupting the os. Keep in mind you
need a Sun keyboard to do this.


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Subject: sparc help

I'm trying to install on an old sparc I dug out, but it keeps
autobooting, I've googled a bit and found the command to disable
autoboot, but none of the sites I've found say how to get to the "ok"
prompt.  They all say "from the ok prompt type such and such to
disable...".  I'm sure there's a simple command-break style key
sequence, at least I'm hoping because the root pass has long since been

On an unrelated note, is anyone else getting tons of messages to @misc
from late may?