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First Box


This is going to be a large email so please bare with me. I'm going to be building my first OpenBSD box and I want to do it well, I have no experience building these boxes before and unfortunately I have a small budget. I'm willing to do my homework and know my way around Unix though.

The first thing I thought of checking was sharky extreme, since they have a "value gaming PC", even though I'm not going to play games on it, I thought I could get a decently powerful PC for a good price:


I'm going to break down the parts, but feel free to suggest any combination of parts. I don't have a budget for trial and error so I want to do this well the first time. All info is greatly appreciated.

1. The case:
The case they like in the article is an Antec SX630II which is only $65. I've looked at a lot of cases and they all seem to be $200 and up, is there any case (that's decently priced) that any of you swear by? (the most beautiful cases I saw was at alienware, but they're so expensive).

2. Processor:
For processor I thought of AMD, only because I'm not too fond of Intel, although I wouldn't mind using Intel if there was an advantage. In the article they recommend the Athlon XP 2400+ (2.0 GHz) OEM.

However, looking through the compatibility page in the faq on the openbsd.org site it only mentions the AMD 5x86, K5/6/etc. and Athlon/Duron. Is this Athlon XP one of these under a different name or is it unsupported?

3. Motherboard:
The one in the article is the Athlon XP Motherboard: MSI K7N2-L (nForce2). The FAQ mentions the nForce2 so I guess it shouldn't be a problem.

4. The rest:
For the video card, sound card, input devices and hard drive I thought I could use just anything cheap. Is there any prefered video card and sound card on this list by any chance?

Anyway, thanks for reading the email. If I'm forgetting anything important or am making any mistakes please let me know.