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Re: pf started blocking everything

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 01:53:53PM +0000, Andreas Kähäri wrote:
> I just updated my source and recompiled my kernel only to find
> that pf started blocking everything going in or out over fxp0.
> Does anyone see anything strange with this?  Doing some logging
> shows that it's only ever the first block that matches even
> though it's not "quick".

  i had this happen when i did a new kernel & make build from
  souces grabbed jul 5 ~22:00 EST.

  i found that none of the rules with 'inet proto' defined would
  "pass", and also no rules with (interface) -- that is, using the
  parenthesis -- would "pass".

  this was while i was running the new kernel but still on the old
  userland.  letting the make build finish and rebooting fixed it 100%
  for me.



[ openbsd 3.3 current/GENERIC ( jul 5 ) // i386 ]

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