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Re: OpenBSD article

Em Qua 09 Jul 2003 19:40, chefren escreveu:
> Not at all a bad article, "good press" I would say, but the above
> is nonsense!

Indeed it's "good press". Lots of strong words, hype and tech-speak. 
Fun to read.

Unfortunately it's another article that gets it wrong about the grant 
money. "Oh my, Theo lost 2Mdollars because of his big mouth!".

Examples of wrong facts:
"In April his OpenBSD project had a chance to sop up more than two 
million dollars from a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 
grant..." (it had been going for more than a year)

"Smith was going to funnel the money to Theo's project, ..." (he was 
already funneling it)

"The whole incident, in which a grant was given and taken away ..." 
(it was given a while back, ran for a while and than taken away)


Fábio Olivé Leite (foleite at yahoo.com.br)
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