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using OpenBSD router for games networks ?


some friends that I occasionally do work for recently trialled a couple
of co-lo games servers on their platform

the x2 servers were sat behind a cisco 3600 router

using mrtg to graph their traffic usage, they never really used more
than 600-800Kbps, but there were some performance issues with the cisco

it looks like the majority of the traffic was composed of loads and
loads of very small udp packets (I guess containing gaming events for
each user action within the game), and the cisco was struggling to cope
with them all

I was wondering if a OpenBSD box with a P4 of smoe speed and 1-2GB of
RAM would handle this any better ? the router had previously been
deployed elsewhere in the platform where it had handled upto 60Mbps of
traffic without complaint, but it was mainly http and ftp based, this
udp games traffic is just totally butt f***ing the thing

they are suggesting bigger cisco's to fix this, which probably would do
it, but if OBSD would do as good if not better, I'd rather try and
pursuade them to try that instead (would be able to put a 'powered by
OBSD' logo up on their site then)

can anyone comment on the likely outcome of doing this with OBSD ?



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