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Re: Openbsd Minimal OS Footprint: Compact Flash Card Install

Better forums include the soekris tech list,
the (now dead?) embsd archives, chris cappucino's
work (all the the archives).  I've gone over repeatedly
(you'd think I'd web it, huh?) *my* builds which range from 
6MB to 128MB (minimal to about everything) and mounting it
ALL readonly.  (hints: /dev/ is MFS and prepopulated early
in the boot sequence, as are SMALL PARTS of var into things like
/var/run -> /mfs/var.run/).

Linux is a different beast in many ways.

Quoting Karl R. Balsmeier (karl_(_at_)_sfdata_(_dot_)_net):
> Intention:  Put obsd onto a bootable CF card pretending to be an IDE drive,
> similar to this recipe in Linux:
> http://www.flutterby.com/wiki/CompactFlash%20Linux%20Install%20for%20Embedded%20Applications
> (sorry, you may need to cut and paste that)
> I would prefer to use OpenBSD if the driver situation is amenable.  (Will
> obsdinstall minimally into 64mb? 128mb?)
> -- 
> Karl R. Balsmeier

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