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Quoting Milhomem, Marcus (Marcus_Milhomem_(_at_)_bmc_(_dot_)_com):
> Hi,
>    I saw that OpenBSD has ccd to concatenate hds... My server has 3 hds, and
> I would like to concatenate all of them..... But on the OpenBSD
> Installation, I don't have this option. How can I concatenate the 3 hd and
> then install OpenBSD on them... so I will have just one large hd with
> OpenBSD...?

You don't want root concatenated.
If it goes bad, you want to be able to boot.

I keep my OS stuff on one disk.  I try to keep ONLY OS stuff on that disk.
If the OS disk dies, data is elsewhere.
If the data disk(s) die, I've got an OS.

If you want to concatenate (risking that ANY disk death will
take you down), do it to the non-OS disks.  And I'd presume
you really want striping (RAID 0), rather than just glombing
one disk onto another's end.

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