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ftp-proxy without inetd

With some goofing around this holiday weekend I was helping my oldest teenager 
with some things and we noticed that his windows machines where unable to 
ftp. ( Damn thjings do not support PASSV ). So went and looked at the man 
page and fouond that ftp-proxy still needs inetd to run.

My firewall is a soekris running OpenBSD ( http://www.opensoekris.com) and the 
opensoekris needs no or has no inetd installed. 

So are there any plans to add this functionality to ftp-proxy.. I did find the 
tar.gz of what someone has done on the marc mailing list  archives 
(http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=openbsd-misc&m=104387606807393&w=2)  but 
would like something in tree if possible.

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