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Re: Hardware Supported

There are multiple generations of the DL 320/360/380 servers.
If the server has a 2/3/4 series Smart Array controller then it'll
be supported. If it has a 5/6 series Smart Array controller (AFAIK
anything newer than first gen of these models) then it will not
be supported. For NICs you shouldn't have any problems, any
server with 10/100 has Intel fxp, any server with Gigabit
has Broadcom bge.

// Brad

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 09:09:44AM -0500, Nathan King wrote:
> I looked over the official supported hardware list and was unsure and
> wanted to see if anyone has installed OpenBSD on HP/Compaq Proliant DL
> 320/360/380 series CPU's??
> I tried a DL360 series, but OpenBSD would not see the hard drives. 
> Apparently, it didn't support the Embedded Smart Array.
> I would like to get a DL320 G2 since it has a standard ATA controller,
> but I would like to get some confirmation that someone is successfully
> using it before I spend money on something I can't use.  Also I wonder
> about the NIC adapters? 
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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