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Re: newbie lan problem

From: Juan Havana [mailto:juanvana_(_at_)_sdf-eu_(_dot_)_org] 
Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 3:40 PM
To: misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org

> I'm setting up a home network for the first time, connecting Windows
XP to 
> an OpenBSD gateway connected to my ISP.  The problem is that OpenBSD 
> doesn't seem to be forwarding packets to the outside.  Here is a

You need to spend some more time reading about TCP/IP in general and the
FAQ (http://www.openbsd.org/faq/index.html).  Be sure to also read up on
OpenBSD's Packet Filter (PF) (http://www.openbsd.org/faq/pf/index.html)
and Network Address Translation (NAT)
(http://www.openbsd.org/faq/pf/nat.html), which you will require,
if/since you are using a private address space.

> ___________           __________          _________            _______
> Windows XP|  10 BaseT |Ethernet| 10 BaseT |OpenBSD| TCP/IP     |ISP  |
> Box	  |-----------|Hub     |----------|Gateway|------------|     |
> -----------           ----------          ---------            -------
> IP		             IP Dynamically Assigned

> Subnet Mask		        (range 62.64.xxx.xxx)
> DNS Primary	     Gateway
> DNS Second

Any specific reason why the subnet mask of your workstation is different
than that of sis0?

The gateway address on your workstation should be that of sis0...

> List of configuration files and its contents I edited....
> /etc/mygate

I seriously doubt this is the correct gateway address... and if for some
unknown reason it is, there might be some confusion if using the same
/16 address space on your LAN.  I'd expect this address to be in the space... and dynamically provided to you.

> /etc/hosts.sis0 	inet NONE

What is this for?

> /etc/hostname.sis0	inet NONE
> 			inet alias
> 			inet alias

Why two identical aliases?