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SOLVED Re: throubles (or missconfiguration) on syslog


on the syslog.conf NO SPACES, please tabs.

thanks to all,


Hermann Heilner wrote:


I'm trying to get some logging, specifically teapop, to see teapop activity,
making the steps to set the local0 log to some file it makes nothing:

++ local0.info      /var/log/teapop


touch /var/log/teapop

kill -HUP <syslogd pid>


i can't see some activity on the file.

I've test another option, modified the syslog.conf:

-- local.info /var/log/teapop

++ !teapop
++ *.*        /var/log/teapop

nothing to see.

I've made a little program that opens a log, first on local0 and then on user,

on local0 nothing to see, on user it goes ok to the messages log.

any comments ?

thanks in advance,