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Re: Compiler system for firewall

Quoting Tiago (baitas_(_at_)_zmail_(_dot_)_pt):
> Hi all,
> I am asking before installing 3.3 because I do not want to make any more
> mistakes.
> I am trying to build a firewall out of an old 486, and I want it to be
> compilerless for two reasons:
>  a) compiling something takes forever!
>  b) it is a little harder to crack without a compiler
>  c) I really liked my first contact with OBSD, and am back for more!
> The thing is, how do I keep it -STABLE?

> I was considering keeping a twin system, with a full install, perform all

Why would you want a compiler (or /usr/include or /usr/lib/lib*.a)
on a production machine.

Doing builds on your test machine is a fine and lovely way
to do it.  If you don't have a test machine, well then, your
"production machine" isn't really production, it's just a test
machine that it would suck to screw up.

I build on fast machines and run firewalls on slow machines.
My firewall is a soekris, so if I *need* to test on that
hardware, I can swap my "production CF" for the "test CF"
and, if it works, designate it the production one.  key is
that I can go back to -working if I need.