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"Absolute OpenBSD" physically exists


I get several emails on this a day, so I'm just posting here.  If
you're wondering "When will the book be out?" or "Where is the book I
ordered?" please read this and leave me alone now.  Thank you.  :-)

I just got confirmation that the printer completed the physical
production of "Absolute OpenBSD" and shipped the books on Tuesday.

Books are heavy.  Upon printing they are packed in big boxes, which
are in turn stacked in a interleaved manner on pallets which, when
full, weigh slightly less than a moose with uncontrolled diabetes.
These pallets are not shipped overnight via UPS' Kidney Transplant
Express, but are instead loaded in large trailers and dragged to their
destination.  Books are not considered perishable, so the truck
carrying these books is not being driven by a pair of
amphetamine-crazed maniacs who are tag-teaming each other behind the
wheel so as to get the books to their destination in record time, as
they would be if the books were, say, peaches.  Additionally, these
trucks frequently carry materials for a variety of destinations, so
the distributor may not be the first of their stops.

So, if you measure the number of miles from the printer (in Toronto)
to your town, divide the number by the 1,920 miles you personally can
drive your 1988 Aries in a single day as an amphetamine-crazed maniac,
and add that number to last Tuesday, you will get a completely
unrealistic estimate of when the book will be available in your home
town.  It doesn't work that way, and don't think it does.  Most
especially, do not write me screaming "Where is my book, ya dweeb?"
when that number of days have passed.  I do not have a covert channel
into the trucking company's telematic system, and hence have no idea
where these trucks are or what is on any given truck, or even which
trucking company you can penetrate to get that information.

But the books should appear in The Real World in a matter of days.

If you pre-ordered through http://www.AbsoluteOpenBSD.com or
http://www.nostarch.com, you should see yours RSN; the publisher tends
to ship the books out very quickly upon arrival at the office.  (The
office is small, and pallets the size and weight of a diabetic moose
get in the way.)  If you ordered elsewhere, I have absolutely no idea
when it'll get there; it depends on how that company handles
pre-orders.  Despite what seems to be popular opinion, Amazon and
bn.com do not notify authors upon shipment, nor do they keep me up to
date upon their procedures for processing orders.  I'd guess it won't
be too long, though.

As an aside, as the printer is in Canada, I would not be surprised to
see the book in stores in Canada before they appear in stores in the
USA.  Somehow, that seems appropriate.  (Heck, on the last book, I got
a note from France saying that someone had got the book, read it, and
liked it before I even saw a copy, and I'm only a few hundred miles
from Toronto.  Go figure.)


Michael Lucas		mwlucas_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org, mwlucas_(_at_)_BlackHelicopters_(_dot_)_org

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