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Re: OpenBSD 3.3 and MS PPTP


In my case, I'm binat'ing an ip alias on the outside interface to the pptp

But, just for you, as a test, I commented out the binat and put these in:
rdr on $pub_if inet proto gre from any to $pub_ip2 -> $pptp
rdr on $pub_if inet proto tcp from any to $pub_ip2 port 1723 -> $pptp \

        port 1723


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Sorry I missed the list on this.  I'll try to keep it here now...

I see your filter rules below, but what about the nat rules?  Just the 
binat to/from $pptp, or did you need a rdr as well?

I do now see that the binat seems to be working the way it should, with 
the middle address being the correct address when looking at the state 

Thanks again,