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Re: wanted: new cisco router for cvs connection

Ben Goren wrote:

On Fri, May 30, 2003 at 10:30:38PM +0200, Jakob Schlyter wrote:

we   need   a  new   cisco   router   for  the   connection   to

First, this is in  no way a troll; nor is  it a criticism. I'm not
qualified to criticise.

I'm  curious: what  is it  about the  cisco router  that makes  it
preferable to a ``normal''  computer (i386, Sun, whatever) running
OpenBSD for  this application? I can make  guesses--hardware being
at the top of the list--but I've never had to deal with networking
at this level so all my guesses would be completely uninformed.

Would it be  possible to use OpenBSD in this  situation at all? If
so, what would it look like? I have in mind a computer with one or
more  fast PCI  busses and  as many  quad ethernet  cards as  will
physically fit...but,  again, this is  out of my league  (which is
why I'm asking).

Might OpenBSD  be a reasonable  fit in some similar  situations to
this one?



You could. But routers don't have disks, so no storage to fail. Routers have custom OS which is specifically designed for routing. Routers have tcp/ip stack specifically tuned for routing. Routers have redundant parts and special risc cpu's. Sure, you could use a unix box, but routers are just better and faster.

Also, you don't just need eithernet cards. You need DSU/CSU modules.
You can get 2 or 3 intel gigabit eithernet cards, put them in a box, attach a 512mb flash chip as a drive and install a really lean linux or openbsd install. Then run gated or zebra and pf/netfilter and have a pretty decent router. I think OpenBSD supports some PCI DSU/CSU modules, but they're somewhat expensive, $1000 or so...

Something like this maybe:

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