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wanted: new cisco router for cvs connection

we need a new cisco router for the connection to cvs.openbsd.org.
something with at least 256 MB RAM, 2 fast ethernet and 1 serial (T1 with
integrated CSU/DSU) would do. the current router keeps running out of
memory (due to bgp table size), so we need to resolve this pretty soon.
example of stuff that probably would work:

newer stuff
- cisco 2691 with 256 MB RAM + WIC-1DSU-T1
- cisco 3725 with 256 MB RAM + WIC-1DSU-T1
- cisco 7401 with 256 MB RAM + PA-MC-2T1

older stuff
- cisco C7204VXR with 256 MB RAM and 2 FE + PA-MC-2T1

if you think you can help, please contact theo or me.