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Re: High availability

Em Sex 30 Mai 2003 04:32, Victor escreveu:
> back. I think the driver is called drbd
> (http://www.complang.tuwien.ac.at/reisner/drbd/) but I am not
> familiar as to how "production-ready" it is. It's certainly an
> interesting solution (that is used by a few proprietary vendors on
> windows platform, with some success).

DRBD is production ready, as its author, Philipp Reisner, is actually 
making a living with it by selling DRBD solutions and support. His 
company is called LinBit and is at http://www.linbit.at/

Perhaps someone can see the code and try to do something like that in 
OpenBSD. I helped DRBD development in its early stages (and recently 
some additional debugging/audit for UnitedLinux), and I remember that 
given the mess inside Linux's source code, we were never sure about 
the possible races and the weird interaction between the block device 
and networking code (not to mention the usage of buffers above 1GB on 
x86). Of course those are solved now, but I would expect things to be 
smoother in OpenBSD, since it's better organized.

Heh, I've seen (and debugged in-loco) Oracle databases of more than 
100GB being replicated by DRBD and it just worked.

OK, that's _very_ offtopic. I'll stop now. :)

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