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Re: High availability

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 03:52:53AM -0500, taproot420 wrote:
> Is there a high availability solution for openbsd? I am needing to setup 
> a cluster of servers, i would like the HA solution to provide load 
> balancing so all the servers can be used concurrently and of coarse fail 
> over master / slave etc...  I found the  HUT project but its HA daemons 
> freevrrp and loadd only run on freebsd.

What counts as "high availibilty"? I've had four hours of scheduled
downtime on the OpenBSD boxes this year, and no unscheduled downtime.
That's 99.9% up, without doing anything unusual. (I don't count
filessystem snapshots for backups as unusual.)

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