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Re: Help

On Fri, May 30, 2003 at 04:26:52PM +0100, Darren wrote:

> There are 0 books  out at the moment on OpenBSD,  so to claim it
> is *well documented* is wrong and misleading.

Er...no offence...but just what *are* you smoking?

``Learn  How To  Hurt Yourself  Faster With  Maximum OpenBSD  In a
24-Hour Nutshell For the Complete Blithering Idiot'' books are not

The  fact is,  OpenBSD  has the  best  documentation amongst  free
operating systems. When you log in for the very first time, you've
got  an  email from  Theo  that  answers  all the  most  immediate
questions  you'll  have. Read  it,  and it'll  tell  you  to  read
afterboot(8), which  continues the  story. From there,  you've got
the complete manual pages, which  have more pages and more content
than any popular  press book on Unix you'll  ever see. You've also
got  the FAQ,  which is  chock-full of  examples and  step-by-step
instructions. /books.html  lists a  bunch of excellent  books that
contain an incredible wealth  of information about Unix--and, make
no mistrake,  OpenBSD is a better  Unix than most which  carry the
logo. As if all  that weren't enough, the config  files and source
code are  so well-commented  that you almost  don't even  need the
rest. (And I haven't even mentioned Google yet.)

Documentation is  one of OpenBSD's strongest  points. Just because
you don't see  what's in plain sight under your  nose doesn't mean
it doesn't exist.



Ben Goren

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