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selecting an alternative root device


I've installed obsd on a disk other than one of the default disks
(wd0/sd0), one sd1. Now I've tryed "boot -a", I get the prompt "root
device?" but I can't enter anything, nothing happens when I press
return, the only accpted key is "enter" (on the numblock).

Is there any other method for choosing the root device? I've only found
a small part in config(8) telling me that the selection of the root
device happens at compile time, this cannot be true?! If this is true,
one should change this, so that the root device is selectable at "boot>"
or maybe thru "config -e".

I'm running the snapshot from May 22. on i386, everything is default
(fresh installed). I also tested this on different hardware with
different configurations, same behavior.

thanks ... Collin