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Re: [seriously OT] securing wireless networks

> WEP is a joke.  Turn on WEP, go ahead.  It's just a speed bump.  It
> would take someone less than 30 minutes of passive work to crack that
> nut and penetrate your network without you ever knowing.
> IPsec is your friend.

While I certainly agree that WEP is not the solution, it can be a great help
in preventing somebody from stealing your bandwidth.  Recently, a neighbor
was running Gnutella on my unencrypted wireless network.  My downloads slowed
to a crawl.  So I decided to give WEP a shot.  The problem is gone.

Is it permanently gone?  Probably.  If not, I'll try another solution.  But
for now, it's quick to setup, and it meets my needs.

Sure, it's possible to break, but I'll address that issue if/when it happens.

Now of course I'd never recommend this type of stance for any network that is
important.  This is just my home network, where everything that needs
to be protected is already protected by ssh.