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[seriously OT] securing wireless networks

I understand this is off-topic, but I thought with the plethora of security people on this list, I could get some direction and reliable information.

If necessary, please reply off list, because I know people need on list material to be ontopic.

I am moving into an apartment August 1, and I want to have some wireless networking for my laptop I will be buying. It will be a combination wireless/wired network with an OpenBSD machine serving as the main gatekeeper at my broadband connection.

What I could really use is a starting place, for reliable information on securing that network. I am more than willing to read manuals, documentation, but I need a place to start. (Googling is fine, but I have no way of verifying the accuracy of what comes up.) What information do the people on this list find reliable, and secure enough so I don't get people accessing behind my firewall using some wireless technology? A few links to get me started is all I ask.

Thank you in advance,

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