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Re: [other] Re: OpenBSD-current in slow motion: solved

STeve Andre' wrote:
Well, I didn't shoot myself, but my ThinkPad did.  I got
stuck somehow in battery saver mode when on AC,
thus losing 80%+ of my CPU.  My clue was that disk
I/O was still fast.   The dmesg output said that I was at
1.80GHz however, which is puzzling, but might be an
artifact of what IBM does to slow things.

In any event, sorry for the noise. Things are normal now.

Well, it doesn't pertain to oBSD in particular, but you could you share how you detected that the laptop was on battery mode despite being plugged in, and how you fixed it? My company has been considering replacing our (ancient!!) desktops with a bunch of laptops, and something like this will almost certainly crop up again.

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