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Re: OpenBSD-current in slow motion: solved

Well, I didn't shoot myself, but my ThinkPad did.  I got
stuck somehow in battery saver mode when on AC,
thus losing 80%+ of my CPU.  My clue was that disk
I/O was still fast.   The dmesg output said that I was at
1.80GHz however, which is puzzling, but might be an
artifact of what IBM does to slow things.

In any event, sorry for the noise.  Things are normal now.

--STeve Andre'

On Thursday 29 May 2003 11:10, STeve Andre' wrote:
>    I wonder if I've shot myself again somehow, or if there is
> a problem in -current.
>    -Current works for me, but incredibly slowly.  This is on my
> ThinkPad A31p which I've been using for a while with no
> hardware changes.
>     The problem started, I think about May 27th.  Everything
> works, but slowly.  KDE seemed sluggish to me; I could watch
> things scroll on the screen.  Compiling the kernel last night
> was truly interesting: normally it takes 5 minutes but last night
> it took 1 hour and 4 minutes.
>     So something is wrong; if I don't hear any comments I'll
> back things up and try installing the may 28th snapshot.  I'm
> really curious if anyone else is seeing this.  I can of course
> provide more info on things if needed, but I'd think that this
> would be obvious if anyone else is experiencing it.
> --STeve Andre'