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Re: Quick (hopefully) CVS question.....

On Wednesday 28 May 2003 09:46, Alan Smith wrote:
> Folks,
> I update my /usr/src directory using CVS and everything works great. I was
> just wondering if there is a switch for CVS that will give a summary at the
> end of the update, as in "10 files updated,5 files deleted,20 new
> files.....". I have had a look through some CVS docs but can't find
> anything related.
> Anybody help me out????
> Regards & Thanks,
> Alan Smith.

I don't know of any way that cvs can do that, but you could
write a script to parse things.

What I do instead, is run script(1) first into a file like update_may28
and then run cvs.  That way I have a file with all the info that cvs
spits out for future reference.  I also have a record of any errors.

Just remember to exit from script after the update is done.

--STeve Andre'

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