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Re: gateway setup

>I have installed an openbsd server with 3 NIC's as shown below
> connected to router 
> connected to DMZ ( -
> connected to local net
>My problem is if i am using (router i.p ) as my gateway I can 
>ping to outside from the server. But if I am using as my 
>gateway(connected to router) I cannot ping out side. How can I make 
> as the router for my entire network ?

Strictly speaking, you can't.  Think of the gateway as "the next hop".  
If you specify the 210.foo.bar.97 address as the gateway on the OBSD server, 
it tries to send all outbound packets to itself and they never leave the 
network.  The gateway on the OBSD box would correctly be the 210.foo.bar.105

In my network setup, the gateway for all of the clients is the IP of the NIC 
that is facing that client.  So in your example, the gateway IP for the DMZ 
machines would be 210.foo.bar.113 and for the local net


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