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Re: Stumped at `bad magic'

"Marco Peereboom" <slash_(_at_)_peereboom_(_dot_)_us> writes:

> Someone just posted a "fix" for this a few days ago. Why don't you
> search the archives and apply that patch. People are waiting for
> feedback on it and you have the perfect environment to test it.

It would have been, but once I got the disk shuffled around.  I
decided to put the obsd where it isn't a dual booter.  I want it on
line all the time so put it on a different machine.  (Or I should say
am attempting to).  Something is causing a stall after initial setup
when I try to ftp the base install.  Running tcpdump on the gateway I
see it connect but then nothing happens.  Not sure what is going on yet.