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Re: Segmenting Archives [probably OT]

Recreating the .tgz files such that they fit onto your media is
always the best thing to do, because then you can't lose a
CD out of a set and have everything gone.  I've seen that.

Split(1) will indeed work with binary files.  Use the -b option to
make the x files whatever size you need.

--STeve Andre'

On Tuesday 27 May 2003 17:29, Brian Camp wrote:
> I have unarchived backups of several machines that id like to put on
> cds or dvds.  The problem is that some of the machines have quite a bit
> of data and won't fit onto a single disk, even when tared and bzip2ed.
> Ideally, I'd like to make a tarball of backup then segment the tarball
> into several chunks.  I looked into split but it seems to be designed
> for text files.  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> -Brian