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Re: SysAdmin books for OpenBSD + other question

Quoting dreamwvr_(_at_)_dreamwvr_(_dot_)_com (dreamwvr_(_at_)_dreamwvr_(_dot_)_com):
> hi,
> GET /Absolute OpenBSD/ 
> the very instant it becomes available..
Becuase it has the word "BSD" in it?

I'm sorry, but for 99% of Unix (and unix like) OSs,
the commands and concepts are the same.

I can run AIX, Solaris, NetBSD, Linux and OpenBSD and even SCO
and the major differences to an admin are fairly moot to much
of the work.  "ps -ef" and "ps -ax" jump to mind.

get into tuning/performance and more detailed admin, and you
get OS specifics.  Specifics that books usually can't keep
up with.

Evi Nemeth's "Unix System Admin Handbook" has been a proven
winner for 10+ years and 3 (4?) editions.

The FreeBSD handbook is also quite nice.

See also your man pages.

Other books coming up are deserving of review, but not recommendation
until they show they deserve it.