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how to get hardware addr of floppy / cdrom for /etc/boot.conf


i would like to boot an read only openBSD System on an non bootable
cdrom which stays in player.

So i like to change boot.conf but i did realised that i do need to
change the addr field aswell as the boot device. But how do i get the
correct addr of my cdrom or for example the floppy aswell for boot.conf?

I'm confused about that it isn't possible to boot wd0a if i do start
boot from floppy32.fs - aswell as i cant boot fd0 / fd0a or fdc0 (dmesg
told me that fd0 = fdc0) if i start from harddisk.

The Hardware addr is the same if i boot from floppy or form harddisk;
also i did changed all informations of "boot> set" output during boot
from hardware to them i get of "boot> set" during boot from floppy.

Any ideas?

Michael Hilscher
Would Mozart have been more productive if he had scribes to help him, a
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