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Re: /altroot post installation set up

On Fri, May 23, 2003 at 09:32:52AM -0400, Eric Moore wrote:
> Read the man (disklabel, fstab), faqs, goog'ld, etc.
> Attempting to modify disk to add 150M /altroot partition to wd0 using
> disklabel.
>     # disklabel -E wd0
>     Initial label editor (enter '?' for help at any prompt)
> OK.  So, this isn't an initial label.  Tried it, but it never asked for a
> mount point.   Don't care to manually edit disklabel until I know what I'm
> doing.
> Is there a URL or does someone have tips on how to add /altroot (along with
> setting fs_type)? Tnx. EM
1 quick question... 
the altroot partition is used to backup your original root partition to
another disk.  Isn't your boot partition on wd0?? and if so why would
you want to put /altroot on your main disk?? that pretty much defeats
the purpose of /altroot.  if you want to backup something like that just
use tar.

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