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Re: MSW2k doesn't recognize extended file attributes on /mnt/DOS file

> >Next time I wipe the MSW2k partitions on this guy, I'll try to remember
> >to try putting the obsd boot partition and the FAT32 sharing partition
> >in the MSW2k extended partition.
> This will not work, OpenBSD requires a primary partition.
> Also, I had never problems to boot Open- and FreeBSD with
> the winnt bootloader ...


(Not sure what I was thinking about, there. FreeBSD doesn't fight the 8G
boundary on this machine, so all that needs is keeping the openBSD BIOS
partition down low enough to keep the openBSD boot partition underneath
the 8G limit.)

Haven't tried the NT bootloader with fBSD yet, but I've heard something
like boot1's first sector does the job for a freebsd.pbr. Just have to
make sure you tell their install script to leave your MBR alone. 

Of course, multibooting is somewhat counterproductive. An older PC
picked up on the cheap and set to the side of the GUI box has a lot to
recommend it, even if compiles are a bit slower.

Joel Rees <joel_(_at_)_alpsgiken_(_dot_)_gr_(_dot_)_jp>