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DHCP works, but no route to host...

Hi all,

I have a little OpenBSD box in the closet that's been happily serving as
a firewall/gateway for 3 months now, but when I got up this morning I
couldn't get internet access from any box behind it.

Logging in to the box and trying to ping various numeric hosts, I get
the following message:

ping: sendto: No route to host
ping: wrote 64 chars, ret=-1

The first thing I tried to do was restart my external interface with 'sh
/etc/netstart ne3'  I could see my machine request and receive an
address from the DHCP server, so I thought I was in business.  After the
command completed, however, I tried to ping the DHCP server (using the
address I'd just seen in the output from netstart) and got the same
message as above.  So it can talk to the DHCP server when it's
broadcasting, which seemed to indicate an actual routing problem.

So then I tried flushing the routing tables with 'route flush && kill
-KILL `cat /var/run/dhclient.pid` && sh /etc/netstart ne3'.  Nothing
doing, same problem.

I also, of course, tried pulling the cable from ne3 on the gateway and
plugging it into my laptop.  Everything worked, so I don't believe it's
related to the cable or an upstream problem with my ISP.

Has anyone experienced this before?  Does anyone have any suggestions as
to what I might try next?



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