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3.3 on a Sun Ultra5


This is the first time I've gotten my hands on a Sun box to install anything
on so forgive the stupid questions please.......

This box is a sun4u I believe so is supported by the sparc64 install files
(probably wrong...). I can't get the thing to boot of anything though, i.e.
I have tried creating a boot floppy using ntrw to write floppy33.fs to a
disk. This gives me a "bad magic" error. I have tried using cd33.iso and it
tells me that it can't open the cd, Enter filename [cd]: . I have tried
different variations of this using different types of cd's floppies etc and
am getting nowhere fast.

I apologise if this is causing any of you physical pain to read this but
when it comes to Sun boxes it is definitely "new territory" for me. If some
kind soul could please show me the error of my ways I would be very

Regards & Thanks,

Alan Smith.

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