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Re: true harware PCI modem

In my opinion the best bet for modems is always external.

But if you must have an internal there's an internal self-sufficient usr 56k pci modem.. so I would think that puppy would work. In fact I think they call it the 56K V.92 Performance Pro (Model: USR5610B)


I've never used it but I've heard good things from others. And with it having it's own processor or whatever I would think that would keep it out of the win-modem class.

In fact I found the US Robotics 3CP5609 PCI (modem) on the i386 supported list and the 5610B appears to be related.

mikhail malamud wrote:
I have been using external US Robotic 56K modem without a glitch for the
past 4 years.
Good Luck.
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Subject: true harware PCI modem

Hello guys,

I need a PCI modem to work with OBSD. Most of "hardware" PCI modems

on a

market are really DSP winmodems. Can anybody suggest a *modern*


I wouldn't be able to buy it) PCI modem known to be working with


Preferable cheaper then $50 and definitely cheaper then $100. Thank

you in

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