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Load balancing Firewall w/o BGP

I am currently trying to setup three connection to a office but I need to have them load balance and also have a few things RDR threw them.

DSL-207 /29 -----nic1---| | |------VPN server B | gre, tcp 1723 CABLE-24 -------nic1 --S--------nic2-------network (nat) 10.1.5.X D | | |-------mail server wireless- 66----nic1 ---| rdr port 25 143

What setting would I need in the routing table and what setting would I need in PF besides the normal single route nat and rdr's. I have read the pf man and PDF but I am not sure on how to do this with three differant gateways and three differant ip ranges for the out side.

Thanks this will keep the boss from ordering something to replace the OB box.


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