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Re: Apache, expat & Eprints

I try to use the Eprints 2.2 software on apache under OpenBSD 3.2 Box.
But I get a segfault error all the time.
I track the crash to the use some expat call in the startup perl script loaded at start up with mod_perl.
Looking around on the web, I found that the crash may appear if apache is compiled with the lib_expat. Because mod_perl load a perl module that load lib_expat and apache has already load lib_expat. 2 libs is too much, so it crashs.
Wrong problem, this one was already corrected.

I upgrade to openBSD 3.3 aand Perl 5.8.

I need to recompile Apache so mod_perl does not crash with DBI.

But Eprints 2 always crashs in expat call ?!?!

Any help would be welcome.

Jean-Gérard Pailloncy