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Re: dc interface only receives ip6 route solicitations in promiscious mode?

On Sunday, May 18, 2003, at 09:30 Europe/Amsterdam, Otto Moerbeek wrote:


Running ipv6 on 3.3-stable (router) and 3.3-current (client) I have a problem getting responses to route solicitations. It seems that route advertisements are only processed if the receiving dc interface is in promiscuous mode.

The router runs rtadv on dc0, the client rtsold on sis0.

If I do not run tcpdump on dc0 on the router, the client does not get responses to its route solicitations. If I do run tcpdump on dc0 on the router, without changing anything else, everything is OK.

Just did an extra test:

Running tcpdump in non-promiscious mode (-p) shows no incoming route solicitations on dc0. So it looks like the incoming packets are dropped by the card or the dc interface.