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Re: Xylogics Microannex and OpenBSD/i386

On Fri, May 16, 2003 at 02:15:13PM -0400, David de Gruyl wrote:
> I have a Xylogics Microannex xl which I am using to connect a number of 
> computers console lines to.  One of those machines is an OpenBSD 3.2 
> i386 machine.  I have made an adapter which works just fine, as long as 
> I am not using the boot console.  Another of the machines is an OpenBSD 
> 3.2 sparc.  The sparc works fine, but then the console is served by the 
> bootrom on sparc, correct?
> Getty on the serial line works great, and the console is served over it, 
> but on booting the machine appears to wait for something.  In order to 
> boot, I connect up my VT330, and everything works as expected.
> My basic question is whether there is anything special about the boot 
> serial driver?  Is there anyplace in the code which I should look for 
> what is happening during the boot process?
> Any thoughts welcome

I could not found the original mail where I read this but from
memory it goes like this: boot is using BIOS calls to service the
serial port and some BIOS are so brain dead that they will stop any
output until they receive something on the serial port.

So un-attended boot are impossible on those PCs.

I could be wrong on this but the explanation satisfied my enought
at the time.

Hugo Villeneuve <hugo_(_at_)_EINTR_(_dot_)_net>

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