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uvscan under linux emul, qmail-scanner

I believe I have properly set up VirusScan for Unix (uvscan) under compat_linux as I can run the binary given the full path and it works.
I'm trying to use qmail-scanner with my qmail system to implement antivirus. I know this has been a topic of discussion but I couldn't glean anything from the archives.

I can't get my qmail-scanner to properly locate uvscan when it tries to detect AV programs on the system. There is a PATH variable in the configure script but when I add /emul/linux/usr/local/bin to the path, it is still not found.

So the question: are there any snafus with linux emulation that would cause this to happen? Paths searched, env variables needed, etc?

$ ls -l /emul/linux/usr/local/bin/uvscan
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root bin 120831 Feb 15 2001 /emul/linux/usr/local/bin/uvscan

Output of configure:
  The following binaries and scanners were found on your system:


  Content/Virus Scanners installed on your System

  Qmail-Scanner details.



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