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Re: customs paranoia

Recieved my pre-ordered (4/08/03 IIRC) set yesterday, judging by the two 
separate Canadian stamps it looks lke it took 3 days to get through 
customs--I don't know if that's just the Canadian customs or the US's, too, 
or how that works, but it should arrive soon I think.

> >I was wondering if anyone else's OpenBSD package had been held up?
> >
> >Mine was shipped from Calgary on April 28 but has not yet arrived in
> >California.
> >
> >I would guess it is in Customs or some such.
> >
> >What with the Patriot Act, I'm surprised this stuff is legal in the
> >US. If that thumbsucker Ashroft has his way, it won't be someday. I'm
> >being paranoid I know but things are weird in this country lately.