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Re: inet6

JK> I don't mean kernel support. It's obvious that I have to disable option
JK> INET6 in kernel, but I'm talking more about system. cause I'd like to build
JK> all my system without INET6 support.I guess there is no variable no disable
JK> INET6 in context of all system and then rebuild then system, instead of
JK> grep'ing through the source code.

hmm ... "grep'ing through the source code" ? why ?

  Leave "source code grep'ing" for genies and maniacs.

  You always CAN do such things by
     >> source flags         (if any)
     >> configuration files  (if any)
     >> command line options (if any)

You CAN build system with this changes:

1. Install system
2. Unpack system sources
3. configure all modules, you want and/or can (kernels, at least)
4. rebuild all necessary modules
5. make all necessary changes to configurations & files to be on your
6. Check how all works, clean up
7. make "release" i.e. installation files set

here you are, now you have desired "system"

Ilya A. Kovalenko                  (mailto:shadow_(_at_)_oganer_(_dot_)_net)