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Who knows about this message?

I want to set up Apache+MySQL+PHP.

Because of the phpBB.

I have my OpenBSD box version 3.3.

I know that Apache Server is installed basically.

Then, I installed MySQL Server.I successed!

ex] #cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql ; make install <=
MySQL client was installed.

ex]# env FLAVORS=-server make install <= MySQL server
was installed.

Finally, I should set up the php4.

ex]#cd /usr/ports/www/php4/core ; make install <=
php4-core program was installed.

I don't know how I should do it from here.

ex]# cd /usr/ports/www/php4/extensions ; make

#env FLAVORS="no_x11 no_bz2 no_curl no_dba no_dbase
no_dbx no_domxml no_filepro no_gd no_gmp no_imap
no_ldap no_mcrypt no_mhash no_ncurses no_odbc no_pdf
no_pgsql no_shmop no_snmp no_sybase_ct no_xslt" make
install <= the reason that I should install

But, My box printed the output message
"php4-extensions-4.3.1 uses X11, but /usr/X11R6 not

What is it? I selected the Flavors "no_x11" becase I
don't want to install about X programs.

Help me.please. :<

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