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Re: About mySQL questions

I normally put a line into rc.local like:
/usr/local/share/mysql/mysql.server start

and into rc.shutdown I put:
/usr/local/share/mysql/mysql.server stop

Some might disagree with this and others might agree. In the end it's up
to you how you want to setup your system and that's what matters.

man rc.conf will tell you about rc.conf and it also helps to read the
man pages that it will reference like init(8) and rc(8)

불량도ㅐㅈㅣ wrote:
> When my openbsd3.3 boot, how do I run mySQL daemon
> touching "rc.conf" file?
> #vi /etc/rc.conf
> mysqld_flags=YES <== Add this line by vi editor
> #reboot
> Is this way right?
> And can I look for documents about rc.conf?
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