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Re: antivirus

I'm using RAV antivirus for Sendmail/Milter on OpenBSD.

They also support Postfix and Exim


RAV also has a good SPAM filter built into it as well... I set it up with procmail, and filter spam based on the (modified) subject line.

The libmilter version is a pain to setup, but once configured, it works smoothly.

Volker Kindermann wrote:
So I was wondering if there are any known virus scanner under obsd.
I don't wan't to start a flame war about the utility of such tool
neither about the security of obsdi vs MS Windows.
It's just that I was using AntiVir for UNIX (http://www.hbev.com)
with amavis and postfix to scan mails passing through my box when
I was using Linux.

if you take a closer look at www.hbedv.com, you'll notice that there is
AntiVir for Server and AntiVir for Mail for OpenBSD.

Don't know how good they are, but they are definitely there. :-)