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Re: Netiquette and "begin blablablabla"-crap

On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 02:56:27AM +0100, parksie ;-) wrote:

> Outlook users, some of whom do not really have a choice in using
> it?

Here's a  radical thought. You're  subscribed to an  OpenBSD list.
You presumably are running OpenBSD on a computer somewhere. No MUA
that  runs on  OpenBSD suffers  from this  idiotic bug. Read  your
misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org  mail on  OpenBSD. Set  up a  computer and  email
account just for that purpose if you have to.

Let's turn things around: if  this were misc_(_at_)_microsoft_(_dot_)_com, and if
putting ``Theo  is a  weenie'' in an  email would  crash OpenBSD's
mail(1), just  how much sympathy  would you get if  you complained
about it?

A client of mine that's been paying  most of the bills lately is a
nearly-pure (with one lonely  exception) Microsoft shop. I have an
account  on their  Exchange server  that I  read with  Outlook. Of
course  it sucks,  but that's  not  the point. The  point is  that
that's how they want me to communicate with them. So, when I go to
their site or  I VPN to their network, I  use Outlook. The rest of
the time--and via SSH while I'm there--I've got Mutt running.



Ben Goren

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