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Kernel Panic and now spwd.db hosed. +=+


I'm a Linux/SCO/Win admin that has been lurking for sometime. I built my OpenBSD3.0 firewall box back some time ago and haven't touched it since. I loaded squid and squidguard and was in the process of giving it something else to do when the box kernel paniced. I tried to get a trace & ps but couldn't seem to get it to write to file. When it paniced I was using webmin to manage my proxy user.

Once the box came back up and cleaned up the drive, it won't let me console back in. it returns the following error.
'krb4-or-pwd /etc/spwd.db inapproprate file type format'

I haven't ever brought this machine up in single user, don't know how yet. But if I did is there some way to repair this file?

Suggestions would really be appreciated.

Troy Kocher